Forest of Lorien is a thread of visions, sounds, and memories, which convey the enchanting story of a community called Hollin Hills in Alexandria, Va.


Forest of Lorien is a documentary photography project that explores the mid-century modern community, Hollin Hills, located in Alexandria, Virginia near Washington, DC. Unlike the contiguous neighborhoods, Hollin Hills is an enclave of forests and is defined by the modernist architectural style designed by Charles M. Goodman, which creates a symbiotic relationship between man and landscape. Residents seek to make this unique woodland their home and discover a timeless atmosphere of living. The community is an exceptional force of nature, alive in the way it thrives off the auras of its inhabitants, inhaling and exhaling in perpetuation of harmony. The light, wildlife sounds, and experiential sensations of the community lace together a tranquil and enigmatic environment. This delicate balance dissolves boundaries allowing people and nature to exist freely.